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Here are some frequently asked questions for
Woof Walk Perth and The Perth 

  • What are your business hours?
    You can contact us by phone between 9am and 5pm Monday - Friday; 10 am - 2pm Saturdays. You can contact us via our website or by email anytime and we will reply to you within 24 hours.
  • Where are you located?
    We are located in the town of Perth, Ontario.
  • Why does my puppy need visits?
    Your young puppy will likely need to go outside while you are away all day. One of two visits throughout the day will provide him with a regular schedule, which will in turn help teach him the basics of potty training.
  • Why can’t my puppy go on group walks?
    We’d love to take your pup along, but only after they’ve had their puppy shots. That way, we’ll know their chances of catching anything from other dogs are reduced.
  • Why shouldn’t my puppy continue with private visits past 4 months?
    Technically we can enrol your puppy in our private walk program once they reach 4 months of age. However, unless there is a medical issue, we don’t recommend that you keep your puppy in private walks. Group walks, and socialization in general, are such an important part of your puppy’s wellbeing and growth. We often meet clients whose dogs missed that all-important socialization phase of a young dog’s life and are now struggling to teach an older dog proper manners and behaviour towards canine friends in the neighbourhood. This often requires many hours of training, which can be a financial hardship, time consuming, as well as stressful to the dog. That’s why we are huge believers in early socialization! It can save you and your puppy many problems later in life.
  • Can you feed my dog during a visits?
    Yes, of course! Just leave the food out for us with instructions.
  • What is I have to cancel your walk with my dog?
    No charges if you give us 24 hours notice. Less than 24 hours notice, unless an uncontrollable situation, we charge you 50% of the fee.
  • Do you offer any options for dogs with dietary restrictions or allergies?
    Yes, we can adjust our recipes to accommodate dietary restrictions. In the notes section at checkout, make sure to include dietary restrictions and we will reach out to confirm ability to accommodate.
  • How to store my Woof Board
    The Woof Board is in a vacuum sealed package so if you are not sharing the snacks with your pup immediately, you can leave the packaging intact and store the board in a dry place away from direct sunlight. Do not refrigerate or freeze.
  • Can I include a personalized message or note with my order?
    Yes. There is a notes section at the checkout where you can include the message you would like included in with your order.
  • How can I stay updated on The Perth Barkery’s new products and promotions?
    We are going to start a newsletter and email list but in the meantime you can follow our social media.
  • Is there an advantage to feed your dog spent grain?
    Many animals, including dogs, love the smell and taste of spent grains. It is an easily digestible material that is rich in protein and fiber. Also a good source of essential and non-essential amino acids and contains a wealth of vitamins and minerals. Spent grains aid digestion, relieving both diarrhea and constipation and may act as an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory.
  • Is there any wheat in the biscuits?
    No, our biscuits do not contain wheat.
  • Can I pick up my order?
    We can schedule a pickup in Perth, Ontario. Please message us for information before placing the order. We offer free delivery if you live within the Perth town limits.
  • Who do you ship with?
    We ship with Canada Post. Shipping fees will be calculated when you place your order.
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